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Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
I'm only comparing numbers. But the fact remains that OpenBSD while great for firewalls or routers is really marginalized in some aspects by advancing technologies.
This is true in some respects. OpenBSD could use some more love in a few areas. Volunteers are appreciated ☺

Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
OpenBSD may also have a web server in the base install, but it is Apache 1.3. Does it really matter that the Apache code has been audited and may have had some code changes for it to be in the base install, since that version is mostly a relic?
Indeed, Apache 1.3 is old. Recent versions of OpenBSD have nginx in the base install as well.

Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
They claim only two remote holes in the base install, which is great, but as outlined in two cases above, once the server adds additional software such as a newer Apache or something else, those claims become less relevant. And what they do for security, which at one time may have been cutting edge (ProPolice, W^X), other OS's have adopted them too.

It is my firewall and mail server, but to continue making such claims while refusing to merge newer technologies what does it matter given that others have statistically no more vulnerabilities but offer more flexibility?
Such as the recent sysret vulnerability that affected FreeBSD and NetBSD, but not OpenBSD?
Many thanks to the forum regulars who put time and effort into helping others solve their problems.
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