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Default Announced: OpenSMTPD 5.3

Daemonforums member gilles made the following announcement on OpenBSD's misc@ mailing list today. Thank you, Gilles, for all of your hard work. Please pass on our thanks to your development team!
At AsiaBSDCon, eric@ has announced the release of OpenSMTPD 5.3 which is
the first stable and production-ready release of OpenSMTPD.

It is also the smtpd that will be shipping with OpenBSD 5.3.

We would like to thank the OpenBSD/OpenSMTPD community for their help in
testing the snapshots, reporting bugs, contributing code and packaging
for other systems.


  * IPv4 and IPv6 support
  * STARTTLS and SMTPS support for both incoming and outgoing sessions
  * AUTH support: bsd_auth(3) and crypt(3)
  * SIZE support: limit the size of client-submitted messages
  * Listener-specific banner hostname
  * Listener-specific sessions tagging
  * Support for global and per-domain expiry for messages
  * Support for customizable delays for bounces
  * Support for primary and virtual domains
  * Support for alternate user database: db(3), file or smtpd.conf
  * Support for aliases and ~/.forward mappings
  * Delivery to mbox, maildir or third-party MDA
  * Support for LMTP relaying
  * Support for smarthost
  * Support for sending certificate when connecting to remote host
  * Support for backup MX
  * Support for relay source address override
  * Support for relay HELO override
  * Support for SMTP-level sender override
  * Support for connections reuse and optimization
  * Support for queue backends: filesystem and ram
  * Support for lookup backends: db(3), static
  * Run-time statistics through "smtpctl show stats"
  * Run-time tracing through "smtpctl trace <component>"
  * Run-time monitoring through "smtpctl monitor"


  * SQLite lookup backend
  * LDAP lookup backend


  * Support for PAM authentication
  * Known to build and work on FreeBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD and Linux


  * No filters support yet (work in progress)
  * No masquerading or address rewrite yet


  SHA256 (opensmtpd-5.3.tar.gz) =

  SHA256 (opensmtpd-5.3p1.tar.gz) =


You are encouraged to register to our general purpose mailing-list:

The "Official" IRC channel for the project is at:
    #OpenSMTPD @

Reporting Bugs:

Please read
Security bugs should be reported directly to
Other bugs may be reported to

OpenSMTPD is brought to you by Gilles Chehade, Eric Faurot and Charles Longeau.
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