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I have thousands of images and I use Showimg to organize/view them. I've tried just about every piece of photo management software in the FreeBSD ports tree and none can compare.

I tend to organize images with directories much like I organize my music. Showimg has support for categories and image annotation, but I don't have time to write details for every image I have. Other image databases are similar in that you have to spend a lot of time sorting images manually. I think it's easier to look at the thumbnails an put them in reasonably named directories. Categories actually wouldn't be much different or any harder, but I if you decide to change image viewers, all that work you did categorizing your photos is basically lost.

I don't really know what the future of Showimg is right now. It's been quite a while since a new version has come out and I'm not sure if a KDE4 port is in the works.

I found KPhotoAlbum's interface to be a little clunky and unsuited for my purposes. IIRC it requires all images to be under one root directory and I didn't care for that since I keep some images on a separate USB harddrive.

I've tried Digikam too and it wouldn't even start. It's database structure can't cope with the massive amount of images I have.

Most of the other apps I've tried were simply horrible in that they were either very clunky, lackluster, or extremely slow creating/displaying thumbnails. After using ThumbsPlus for years on Windows...I've got to say that open source image organization software is sorely lacking.
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