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Yes, I do understand. On a "sidebar" note, I am amazed that the make file architecture works as well as it does. I told my wife last evening that the dollar co$t to start from scratch, design and code the monster would involve millions of US dollars . . .relative on what you value your time . . .$25, $75, $145 . . .or more. All in all, Free/Open et al BSD is a bargin.

I'm also a fugitive from the original FreeBSD forum, and I have to say that through the years, the help that I've received from other members is invaluable.

Regarding my experience with my latest install (FreeBSD v7.2R, FireFox v3.0.10,1, Xorg, etc.) . . .all I needed was a little nudge in the right direction to help me see the forest in spite of the trees. BTW, my Xorg install finished, wife brought home groceries, I cooked, and finally with a little tweaking, I have FireFox v3 running on my v7.2 FreeBSD install.

Of note, I am absolutely amazed at how fast web pages are served up . . .compared to the same performance on my Windoze XP Pro workstation. We retrieve pages from several gov/mil websites that have certificates that Windoze/IE does not "like", and that negotiation apparently kludges the conversation. Also, I suspect that there is a lot of Windoze overhead involved in the entire process.

I've still got a few configuration things to work out . . .wheel on the mouse doesn't work, and html document fonts are not per the cascading style sheet specs. Also, I may need to ask some questions regarding viewing of MS/PowerPoint presentations, Acrobat PDF's etc., but I'll do some reading first.

Again, many thanks,

Ron W.
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