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Originally Posted by barti View Post
Does running drupal site consume much more resources then normal static pages?
Of course. There is more work being performed.
What about security with CMS systems?
Each usually has its own authentication/authorization scheme, which is usually unique.
Will I loose the openbsd protection?
This is too general a question. What do you mean by "protection"? Applications that have their own authentication/authorization are outside the scope of the OS's authentication/authorization. But that does not stop applications from using OS "protection" features such as privilege separation, if they use them.

I recommend you think about application security and OS security as separate functions.
I don't have the knowledge of running a server online with many people using it.
Then don't make any technical decisions until you have a well understood project scope and a clear set of objectives.

Start at the beginning. What service do you want to provide?
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