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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Since the basic installation completed, but the OS failed to function, you don't have much installed yet. Nothing too much to a reinstall, but five minutes of your time. the 32-bit OS will probably outperform the 64-bit for most applications on that platform anyway.
I guess it depends, as mentioned, the NetBurst family has issues with software interrupts.. but OpenBSD/amd64 implements support for the SYSCALL/SYSRET fast system call instructions which would alleviate that.

Didn't really consider that he did successfully install it using a 64-bit RAMDISK kernel, so the crashes may not be due to some early Intel bug.

Testing the i386 kernels would help confirm if it's some sort of ACPI error, if that's the case.. perhaps he can check and see if any BIOS updates are available.
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