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Step 1: Find your dmesg(8), or look for your /var/run/dmesg.boot file. It will show all the hardware discovered at boot time.

Step 2: Find the device. It will either be assigned a driver (for Broadcom WiFi, it might be bwi0 or bnx0 or something else) ... or, it will say "not configured". If it says "not configured" -- this is kernel-speak for "I discovered it but there is no driver, the device is not supported".

Step 3: If it says "not configured" you cannot use the device with the OS. Stop at this step.

Step 4: If it is assigned a driver ... read that driver's man page, such as bwi(4) or bnx(4). It will describe all of the configuration options for the device.

Step 5: Read FAQ 6. Read all of it, paying close attention to section 6.13.
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