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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Yes, qemu can be used to run Windows. But use standard installation media from Microsoft, not an OEM "image" disc from a PC manufacturer. Those are hardware configuration specific, and none will match the qemu virtual machine.
And while that's true, unfortunately in most cases that means shelling out $$$...

But it was mentioned that with MMC capabilities you'd leave Windows forever... does that mean if you had the equivalent functionality of the MMC in OBSD? Or are you really looking to run a particular program from Windows in OBSD?

I remember that the main problem I ran into ages ago when trying to run WINE in Linux (Fedora) was that any program with .NET requirements (and that means even needing .NET to merely install the application as is now typically the case) would render the WINE installation useless. So even if you could get it 'working' I'm not sure how much enjoyment you'd get from it.

And lastly, that pesky "Windows Validation" junk kept getting harder and harder to get around... not sure if the WINE developers found a way around these two hurdles, as I left WINE and Linux a long time ago for OBSD... and been happy ever after.
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