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All that ramble and I didn't answer the question. I work for a large company as a software engineer and have to live in a windows world. I need to manage many many windows machines and run IIS, .net, SQL server ect everywhere. I have made lot of progress with OBSD, read a samba book and see that it can do much of the network management i have to do. Rdesktop works great. Made a network bridge, a firewall, vpn, proxy, dns server and on and on. I love it but I still need to be able to manage those win apps from my desktop. A vm would be perfect. I could run BSD local and have a win vm joined to the domain to do that stuff. As a server I can replace tons of stuff we do on 2003 now with OBSD for free and have it run better on less hardware. great potential. When the free version is better than what is sold, then what is sold has no value and people will eventually stop buying it.
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