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I have a full VMware ESX license and setup as well as Workstation. I run OpenBSD VMs there. I just like the ESX model with a minimal, stable base OS and lately I don't want to work on anything thats not opensource if i can avoid it. with a non MS base OS i can run numerous extra virtual appliances including another complete windows vm on the same hardware. I setup reactOS inside qemu and in a few years thats going to be sweet if reactOS stays on schedule. That would not only satisfy all my needs but the base os, the vm layer, and the vm machine itself would all be 100% open source as far as I can tell.
I installed win 2003 enterprise in qemu and i can get it to join the domain and other things but blue screen every time with windows update. Its 2003 sp1, IE 6.0. I've tried with and without kqemu and using the no-acpi flag causes my vm to not boot at all. Thanks to everyone for the help. Often My questions are more to understand rather than getting anything productive done. I could very easily vnc from win to bsd. I can rdesktop from bsd to win as well. I could run vmware on linux. Many people at work try and give me a MAC saying that its BSD . There are many ways I could do it, but i want to do it a new way that i have never done before, with OpenBSD. :-)

Anyone running 2003 in qemu and able to update it via windowsupdate website?
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