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Originally Posted by npumcrisz View Post
*I don't know how to get access to the port/package collection!

Section 15 of the project's official FAQ gives a solid overview of the packages/ports system. The number of available packages are too many to put on the downloadable ISO images, but the FAQ will point you towards the list of accessible mirror sites.
Assign network ids to the remaining 3 wired ports.
Section 6 of the FAQ will get you started on network-related issues.
Configure PF
The PF User's Guide provides a solid introduction. Reading the pf(4) manpage is also advised. One of the few documents recommended which is not formally affiliated with the OpenBSD project is Hansteen's online manuscript.
Enable remote access with a web based GUI.
You will find that the command-line tools to be well documented & highly recommended. Web-based tools have not had a stellar track record for stability or security.

Take some time to study this information. If after digesting it, you have more focused questions, feel free to post again.
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