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Originally Posted by npumcrisz View Post
I understand it may be install in the base installation but is it enabled?
This depends upon whether what choice you made during installation. Section 4.5.2 of the FAQ discusses where:
Start sshd(8) by default? [yes] _
I installed securepointsslvpn_rc4.exe but is openvpn enabled by default?
securepointsslvpn_rc4.exe is a Windows executable which you would install on Windows. You would not install it on OpenBSD. OpenVPN is a third-party application available in packages. It is not installed by default on OpenBSD. After installation, you will need to configure it yourself.
Is this enabled in the base installation?
IPsec is integrated into OpenBSD's kernel, however, you will have to configure it yourself if this is your choice of VPN.

In general, we do not recommend documentation found on the Internet which was not published by the OpenBSD project. Frequently, it is out of date, incorrect, or incomplete. However, since you are still wrapping your head around IPsec, the following may give you some perspective:

Yet, note that this document was written for OpenBSD 4.6. It is not guaranteed to work with OpenBSD 5.0. My recommendation is to read the article, followed by reading the manpages installed on OpenBSD 5.0. Again, ipsec(4) is a good beginning point.

Just to clarify, my previous message mentioned two separate technologies for remote access:
  • SSH.
  • VPN.
If you decide to configure a VPN, OpenVPN is one choice, IPsec is another. Both do not need to be configured.
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