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Originally Posted by gpatrick View Post
How old is Theo? Subjecting people to humiliation is juvenile and is best left to the fifth through seventh graders and teenage girls who perfected it. Or is this Theo's way of indicating to others that he is a teenage girl?

Humility is not his most highly developed characteristics, and although OpenBSD is a fine operating system, I haven't seen Theo walk on water so I am unsure of the source of his conceit.
Yeah, most Theo attacks I figure the person more or less had it coming, there's a valid point involved that might as well be embellished with a little vitriol, or else it's against someone like RMS with accomplishments that make him more or less invulnerable. But this one kind of bugged me too.

But what are you going to do? Use another operating system cause the leader hurt someone's feelings?
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