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Originally Posted by vermaden View Post
Better? Its just very good OSS implementation that works very good, you do not have to port anything if it comes to audio part of the port, it will just work.
What lead you to believe OpenBSD's ossaudio(3) wrapper is broken or incapable? as I said, many things in the ports tree use it.. ossaudio(3) and libsndio(3) are essentially alternative frontends to the native audio(4) API.

libsndio(3) could theoretically be ported to other systems, but in the end.. it's a simplified way to access all the features of the audio(4) API that might not be directly possible with the libossaudio(3) wrapper.

I admit, I'm getting "protective".. but both you and Carpetsmoker came here advertising OSS4/OSS@FreeBSD as the only solutions to the Unix-sound problem.

I'm not aware of the statistics, but many people use the Esd/aRts/Jack flavours instead of OSS directly. (Due to it not being a "requirement" of the API to concatenate multiple audio streams into 1.)

What harm is there in having a base library capable of fulfilling the functionality of these.. GPL.. library? I myself don't use the Esd/aRts/Jack flavours of ports due to the often complex configuration requirements.. as a punishment, I can only listen to sound in 1 application at a time..

Let's just close this topic, I respect both of you immensely.. in many matters were likely agree 100%.. but it is clear this isn't one of them.
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