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That is the default PF included with 4.5-release. In 4.5, pf is not enabled by default, anyway. While we don't know if you enabled it, it is likely you did not. And therefore, it is likely this is not your problem.

So, what changed in your network since March, when you first asked your questions about your IRC client? Under the assumption it was working then, it is likely a change to your network topology, or to network configuration, has rendered it inoperative. I would think it was your external router/firewall that is blocking IRC traffic -- but you've stated that when you boot another OS from the same platform, you don't have a problem.

When you run another OS, are you using the same IP address?

If *nothing* has changed, and you are using the same IP address, then post network configuration info:

$ ifconfig -A
$ route -n show -inet

And post the name and contents of all your /etc/hostname.* files, and, if you are still using static IP addressing, the contents of your /etc/mygate file.

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