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Back in February, ocicat recommended FAQ 6:

In that thread where FAQ 6 was discussed, you wrote you had an /etc/hostname.rl0 file. Since you no longer have it ... something has changed since the last time you mentioned your network configuration, back in February.

I'll ask again: did IRC ever work for you in the past? You asked about IRC script files in March.

Apparently, you are no longer using a static IP address, and it looks to me like you are using DHCP, and are manually using dhclient(8) once again, rather than a hostname file. A re-reading of FAQ 6 is recommended, since you are not automating your network configuration.

As currently configured, your network appears as follows:
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
CIDR description:
Default route:
I see nothing unusual in your configuration, other than a lack of correct configuration files. Your default route (network gateway) appears to be routing properly, according to your routing table.

This give me the opportunity to ask you a second time: when you boot another OS on the same computer, can you please confirm the other OSes use the same IP address of

I'm asking this (again), because the problem, as I understand it, is that IRC is the only network application you have tried that is not working. Is that assumption correct? If so, then the most likely reason is a firewall setting. Your firewall is external to OpenBSD, and resides in your gateway router at If your Linux and Windows systems use a different IP address, than that would explain why they work and this OS does not.
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