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Originally Posted by chessmaster View Post
I have further read that the remote DHCP server I configured is in conflict with my (local) router DHCP.
Yes. You must have missed my earlier post:
Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
However, none of these turn-key devices provide advanced DHCP features such as filename or next-server. For that, you have to disable the DHCP server in the router/gateway and provide a separate DHCP server yourself
My question would dnsmasq present the same problem?
Yes, it would. You are required to have one DHCP request handling service of some kind on the local subnet. You cannot have a local DHCP server, such as the one currently operating in your router and simulatneously relay DHCP requests to a remote DHCP server. [1]
I believe i overcomplicated the Matter of trying it remotely instead of Local.
You are correct.

[1] Unless you are configuring synchronized DHCP servers and their lease databases, such as with the dhcpd(8) -Y/-y options.
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