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Several months ago, PC-BSD 1.5.x users had occasional issues with booting the disks off SATA CD/DVD-ROM, and that is based on one of the FreeBSD 6.3-Stable builds. People on generally dove into, "its a FreeBSD problem" and let it be; although posts there have subsided for a long time about such issues.

I believe that if there is any issue with using SATA optical disk drives in modern FreeBSD, it probably is specific to certain odd models or hardware configurations --> that is my humble opinion.

All of mine are EIDE, so i can't comment on CD/DVD drives. I do know that SATA hard drives work *perfect* on FreeBSD 6.0 Release through the last 7-Stable. The only issue I've experienced is the ATA_STATIC_ID option in kernels causes my first (and only) SATA drive to be detected as ad4 and without the option it detects the drive as ad0.
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