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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
That is way is always a good idea to have floppy drive and boot the computer via floppy. Another option is install Windows and then do the Network boot or even better installing OS via serial console if your mother board have any.
Floppy drives are notorious for their poor reliability. I have a stack of old internal floppy drives where half cannot reliably read their own disks. The other half became misaligned over the years, making it difficult to swap disks between units. I keep an external USB floppy drive, just in case. At least with it, if it becomes misaligned, I'm using the same misaligned drive to read back the same data.

Next to a CDROM, I'd day that network booting via PXE is the next best way to install. Most modern NICs have moderately good PXE code.

Unfortunately, the FreeBSD sysinstall program appears to lack a built-in PXE server function. I've used embedded BSD/OS products that give you this option with the install CD, and it is quite slick. You don't even need to burn a CD-R, instead mounting an ISO image in VMWare and letting it act as a PXE server via a bridged virtual network interface.
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