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According to FAQ 8, for Java versions with Sun's restrictive licenses, you must register with Sun and agree to Sun's licenses, then manually fetch the distribution files yourself.

If you take a moment to read the output of your failing make command, you will see the exact instructions you must follow. Here's the output from a jdk 1.6 make on -current; you should see similar output with whatever you are running:
$ make 
===>  Checking files for jdk-
*** You're missing files:  jdk-6u3-fcs-src-b05-jrl-24_sep_2007.jar jdk-6u3-fcs-bin-b05-jrl-24_sep_2007.jar jdk-6u3-fcs-mozilla_headers-b05-unix-24_sep_2007.jar bsd-jdk16-patches-4.tar.bz2
*** You must manually fetch the distribution files, place
*** them in /usr/ports/distfiles and then run make again.
*** Get the JDK 6u3 Source file:
***  jdk-6u3-fcs-src-b05-jrl-24_sep_2007.jar
*** and the JDK Binaries file:
***  jdk-6u3-fcs-bin-b05-jrl-24_sep_2007.jar
*** and the Mozilla Binaries file:
***  jdk-6u3-fcs-mozilla_headers-b05-unix-24_sep_2007.jar
*** from
*** Get the BSD patchset file:
***  bsd-jdk16-patches-4.tar.bz2
*** from
*** Error code 1 ...
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