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It looks like they are catering their favorite market group (gamers). That card is not going to see many Linux installations. It would be interesting to see if one could use the card for something more serious like High Performance Computing (NVidia Tesla style). The card has over 3000 stem processors which is almost 4 times NVidia Tesla 2070 for the quarter of the Tesla price. I wonder how memory management compares to Tesla (poor). The price of the card is bargain. I would buy 10 if I could put them to serious use. By the way a typical Tesla based mini-supper computer is about $20 000 in parts only.

Do they have something like CUDA for this video cards? If they open this hardware to developers (unlike NVidia) that could mean rebirth of BSDs (NetBSD, FreeBSD) as a platform for supper computing.

Unfortunately due to the lack of compilers and drivers BSDs are all but dead when it comes to super computing.
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