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@oko Well, there is an ATI driver for Linux, but it is of rather low quality and has major problems if it comes to more recent X servers. I guess for anything graphics related nVidia stays the first choice and Linux is a must for more than just "moving pictures".

We're using e.g. some tailored packages for photogrammetry, GIS, etc. pp. together with CUDA. But there are more drawbacks then just nVidia. Even without the help of CUDA and friends most mentioned software runs way faster in Linux than in FreeBSD. Call it Linuxism in code, but developers are using what they are familiar with and so they are using the advantages of their chosen platform. It's a pity, but you'll find more administrators and mere users in FreeBSD community than real coders.

Finally, if I leave the spartan desktop, the server (in certain contexts) or administrative tasks per se behind me, then it's quiet impossible to get along with FreeBSD. Today I have to choose more than often Linux - at least from a professional point of view.

But that's offtopic I guess ;-) It's just an example why fixing "one detail" doesn't solve the whole problem.
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