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Originally Posted by Oliver_H View Post
It's not my article, I just referring to it, because it shows some common problems nowadays between Linux and BSD. No I don't think it will be easy at all in this context, because it is just one guy doing this job and this is a common problem in FreeBSD (one guy doing the job). But apart from that, it may be interesting for you: Martin Wilke (aka miwi) got a new X server up and running
Sorry, thought you wrote it :-) Yeah, I saw Martin's post and even replied. I look forward to testing it myself.


>Between AMD and Intel GPUs

I don't even call this thing of Intel GPU, it's a mock-up, including the drivers. But even then, if you wan't a GPU including descent drivers, that sucks less, then you have to go with nVidia.
Sorry, but I don't consider random lockups that nvidia can't even diagnose "sucks less".

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