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Default HOWTO: QEMU on FreeBSD

I wrote short qemu howto install/usage on FreeBSD as host os, and in this example with Win2000 as guest os.

1. removed useless /etc/qemu-ifup script [it was used in older versions of qemu with tap/bridge interfaces]
2. added info about sound emumation inside qemu OS.
3. removed HACKS_CIRRUS from options [thx to scottro sugestion], reason here:
4. sometimes OS installation requires unload of kqemu. short: install without kqemu and the use with kqemu
Install qemu with options showed below:
# cd /usr/ports/emulators/qemu && make install clean
Options for qemu:
 [X] KQEMU          Build with (alpha!) accelerator module
 [ ] HACKS_CIRRUS   Large display speedup (buggy!)
 [ ] RTL8139_TIMER  allow use of re(4) nic with FreeBSD guests
 [ ] SAMBA          samba dependency (for -smb)
 [X] SDL            SDL/X dependency (graphical output)
install and configure sudo:
# cd /usr/ports/security/sudo && make install clean
sudo config:
# cat > /usr/local/etc/sudoers << EOF
root            ALL=(ALL) ALL
username        ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL
username is YOU.

load needed modules:
# sudo kldload aio
# sudo kldload kqemu
create Windows2000 install CD image, use cat or dd:
% cat /dev/acd0 > ~/qemu/win2k.iso
% dd bs=2048 if=/dev/acd0 of=~/qemu/win2k.iso
create qemu image for new OS:
% qemu-img create -f qcow2 ~/qemu/win2000.img 4G
install new os, Windows2000 in our example:
% qemu -boot d -hda ~/qemu/win2000.img -m 128 -cdrom ~/qemu/win2k.iso -win2k-hack -localtime
if You have any problems while installing the OS then unload kqemu module and install again, then after install, load the kqemu module again:
% sudo kldunload kqemu
% qemu -boot d -hda ~/qemu/win2000.img -m 128 -cdrom ~/qemu/win2k.iso -win2k-hack -localtime
% sudo kldload kqemu
typical usage of OS under qemu:
% qemu -hda ~/qemu/win2000.img -m 256 -localtime
typical usage of OS under qemu in snapshot mode [to commit made changes hit left_CTRL+left_ALT+2 and type commit]:
% qemu -hda ~/qemu/win2000.img -m 256 -localtime -snapshot
1. to switch focus between qemu mouse focus and X11 mouse focus use: left_CTRL+left_ALT
2. to ensure that You use kqemu kernel module in user mode hit left_CTRL+left_ALT+2 and type info kqemu, if everything is ok You will see:
kqemu support: enabled for user code
if not You will see:
kqemu support: disabled
if disabled it will work, but terribly slow, You will be running at Pentium 75 speed at host with CPU AthlonXP 1.66GHz.
3. to switch between qemu console and qemu os emualtion use left_CTRL+left_ALT+2 to go to console and left_CTRL+left_ALT+1 to back to emulation.
4. enabling network on emulated os, use DHCP configuration inside emulated os to get automatic IP adress 10.x.x.x

after You quit You os inside emulated os, or by qemu console left_CTRL+left_ALT+2 and type quit use this command to launch again Your emulated OS:
% qemu -hda ~/qemu/win2000.img -m 256 -localtime

How to have sound in qemu OS, You just need to launch qemu the way I listed above, only with -soundhw sb16 or -soundhw es1370 to emulate Sound Blaster 16, or Sound Blaster 128. You can also enable standart annoying BEEP with -soundhw pcspk. You can also enable all three of them like that: -soundhw sb16,es1370,pcspk, or just BEEP + one of them: -soundhw es1370,pcspk, examples
% qemu -hda ~/qemu/win2000.img -m 256 -localtime -soundhw pcspk
% qemu -hda ~/qemu/win2000.img -m 256 -localtime -soundhw es1370,pcspk
% qemu -hda ~/qemu/win2000.img -m 256 -localtime -soundhw es1370,pcspk,sb16

fluxbox add-on:
in ~/.fluxbox/apps:
# qemu
[app] (class=SDL_App)
  [Workspace]  {2}
  [Deco]       {BORDER}

man qemu-img
man qemu
man aio
man dd
man cat

The same schema works for Solaris 10 and WindowsXP, You only do not use -win2k-hack.

feel free to point errors, typo and Your hints/suggestions here.
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