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Originally Posted by bsdnewbie999 View Post
I did checked openbsd packages but there's no package for java.
If you had read Section 8.3 of the FAQ, you would know the answer to this question as the licensing Sun has inflicted on the JDK has prevented the *BSD community from making precompiled packages available.

Sun has recently GPL'ed the JDK, but packages are not yet available -- possibly in the OpenBSD 4.4 timeframe or later.
I downloaded the xalan file from the apache website but always got a size mismatch.
There have been a few sporadic reports on this in the past, & I have experienced this myself. I don't know what method you used to download the xalan tarball, but until the computed SHA256 value matches what is used by the Makefile, you will be unable to proceed. One alternative is to download the xalan tarball with wget. If you don't already have wget installed on your system through other package/port dependencies, it is available as a package:

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