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Originally Posted by ninjatux View Post
Geany doesn't build with ccache either, so I used the solutions listed above, although I'm not exactly sure what the benefits to ccache are. I haven't really seen any massive speed ups in recompilation. I think the biggest speed up will come with better parallel support in ports.
No, ccache is not magic, ccache is a cache to speed up the second build, not the first one, since there is no cache the first build ... It has nothing to do with parallel builds...

For example, If I upgrade a port or something, I may need to compile the application several times (Depending on how much patching is needed), so then ccache is very useful.
For a normal end-user who just compiles ports, ccache's usefulness is limited...

As for geany, I had no problems compiling 0.14,1 - Which is the latest version (VTE and NLS turned off) ... What error/problem did you have exactly?
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