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Originally Posted by J65nko View Post
About two months ago I tried audacity, but it only allowed me to choose the default built-in sound card device.

I like OpenBSD, it is my favorite OS, but knowing multimedia is not its strength, sometimes one has to be practical.
OpenBSD is actually quite well suited for multimedia as of late, both Jacob Meuser and Alexandre Ratchov have been working on both drivers and a new API (..sndio(7)) for quite some time now, Alexandre has recently revamped OpenBSD's support for MIDI devices.

Jacob just posted this week on the mailing lists, he is working on improving the experience of uaudio(4) devices.. in the same email he's mentioned some features that no other OS's have matched yet, as part of his work on on azalia(4) and sndio.

Audacity uses the sndio library directly in 4.6.. you can either set the AUDIODEVICE variable prior to starting the program, or start aucat(1) separately as a daemon (..specifying the audio device on the command line).

No longer do programs need to use the classic ossaudio(3) compatibility layer.

You should be able to capture audio from this device, from any audio program.. controlling some of the extended features might be possible via the usbhidctl(1) utility, although most likely it would be easier to use any buttons on the device instead.

Why install a different operating system entirely? I would sooner prefer re-gifting presents.. even if from my kin.
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