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Default FreeBSD no longer accessible

Thank you for all those useful comments.

At this time, since I reconnected the other drives, I cannot access the FreeBSD any longer. I reaches the point where it says, "attempt to query device size failed. Device not ready. Media not present. Trying to mount root from ufs:dev/ad0s1a. Then it stops at the prompt mountroot> where I have no idea what to enter. I am guessing it is "trying" to boot from the other drive. I expect if I pulled out the two drives again, it would work again. I don't know. I will try that now. How can I troubleshoot the ACPI and ascertain what is wrong and what if anything can be done about it? I am able to use standby and hibernate in XP, but I don't think the WD Sata2 drives can use power management. I have no idea about what /boot/device.hints is or how to gp about adding hint.acpi.0.disabled="1" Is this a subfolder on the drive? Are you suggesting that I edit a text file?

Let me know how you make out with your laptop?

Thanks again.
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