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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
QupZilla uses WebKit rendering engine. What is the difference between QupZilla and Xobrero, Chromium, Surf and 15 other "web browsers". None if you ask me.
I had Chromium in 5.6 and have Xombrero in 5.7 and there are some differences.
Chromium uses a wrapper script to increase memory limits, xombrero uses the system limits for the users login class. Chromium has lots of Google embellishments to bloat Chromium further just by clicking the App Store icon in the upper right.

Xombrero is very easy to set up with Tor. The developers give the steps in the example xombrero.conf.

It was a PITA to delete history in Chromium and after deleting the history in 5.6, Chromium would immediately crash. My xombrero.conf does not save history at shutdown - no problems, If chromium had the setting to clear history at shutdown I was never able to find it. They may share the rendering engine but the project goals are otherwise very different. I personally could not stand Chromium and only had it as it allowed changing a banking password that FF would not.

Xombrero can still be built with either webkit/gtk2 or webkit/gtk3. Xombrero makefile at Freshports. In OpenBSD 5.7 it is compiled with gtk3.

I'm wondering if xombrero has indirectly benefited from Antoine Jacoutot gnome efforts. www/epiphany is back after being broken - it's webkit is gtk4.

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