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Default pkg_add error ustar archive header

I am trying to install OpenBSD 4.9 on Microsoft Virtual PC (I will eventually install on a real computer if I can get this all working).

The installation goes fine, but when I try to add packages with pkg_add I get the following error:
Fatal error: Ustar: Not an ustar archive header
 at usr/libdata/per15/OpenBSD/ line 72
At first I had all packages from on a 12gb CD image mounted through Virtual PC. I could not install a single package, it always came up with the above error.

Then I removed the biggest packages and created a 4gb CD image, now I can install packages again.

The problem is I am still getting the error when installing some packages.

So far the only thing I have wanted to install is gnome (pkg_add gnome-session). It installs some of the required packages, but then can't install others. (due to the error above).

I'm just starting out with OpenBSD, so I'm not at all familiar with what to do.

Can somebody help ?
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