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Old 21st October 2008
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Default *BSD Laptops


Still looking around at various laptops to see if one is viable for me. I looked at various alternate architectures, but I could find one that was affordable (i.e., SPARC Tadpole) or that wasn't a teensy netbook. So looking back at normal x86 consumer laptops.

Which x86 processor do you think is best currently - Intel, AMD, VIA? Any particular series or model?

What I am looking for is a laptop that is sturdy and rugged - both physically and in system stability. I will not be using this for multimedia purposes (aside from the occasional mp3 or ogg file or stream) so I don't need it tailored for dvd video playback or audio editing, etc. Don't want a webcam or microphone. I do want it to be able to crunch numbers and compile programs like nobodies business. If possible, non-widescreen. And I'd like it to be under $500 (I can upgrade to more RAM, better HD, etc. later on). Any suggestions?

I have heard that Thinkpads (currently owned by Lenovo) are rugged *nix machines. Anyone have any experience with them?
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