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In kernel? no.. aucat(1) was retrofitted with a "server" functionality.

Let's look at it this way, on OpenBSD.. the audio(4) framework is independent of ossaudio(3).

aucat(1) directly communicates with the audio(4) framework, libsa(3) communicates with aucat(1) via a Unix socket (in /tmp), if aucat isn't running.. it falls back to directly using audio(4).

Originally Posted by Alexandre Ratchov
programs can use the new libsa(3) library to play and record audio. The library provides a very simple API to connect to the audio server; if aucat(1) isn't running, it uses the audio(4) driver transparently instead.
Most 3rd party ports use ossaudio(3), wrapper library /usr/lib/libossaudio.*, or one of the other (Typically GPL'd) sound servers I mentioned above.

Everyone happy now?
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