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Since this thread no longer has much of anything to do with disk encryption, might I suggest a moderator split a few posts?

In regard to off jggimis pointy head:

While OS X contains plenty of FreeBSD and Mach code, there is also plenty of original Apple code in the kernel and other crap "Borrowed" for the unixy side, just look at the docs from Apple. It's not as FreeBSD as you might think. I believe FreeBSDs kernel also includes code from Mach and CMU.

Afaik the Windows networking stack was basically rewritten for NT6, so that bit no longer holds true either. Some programs included (at least in XP) also contain BSD code and terms, but it's a really small quantity. To add insult to injury, the Windows Sockets API actually meshes better with the NT programming environment then Berkeley sockets does with the unix programming environment (at the API level), and winsock is arguably better stuff then what they tried to emulate.

SunOS also grew plenty of System V stuff over the years, and eventually became more of a SVR4 base then early 4.x BSD based; although one can't quite have SVR4 without some BSD creeping in, either by borrowing or original implementations. Many of the commercial unixes you mentioned also barrow or implement certain BSD features, one way or the other.
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