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It sure would be nice if all your attempts/questions either contained more context or were in one topic instead of several ones in random subforums.

Like pawaan said, it would be better to stick with pkgin. Last night both kde4 and xfce4 were missing from latest quarterly binaries, but now it looks much better again. They still seem to be missing from mirror you were using earlier (fr), so using instead would be best for now.

If you have fresh NetBSD 6 install and activated pkgin during install, you only need to do steps 5-6 from slice2 article you linked above, and then start xfce with startxfce4 command as normal user, so assuming you installed latest 6.1.5 and activated pkgin during install, just
pkgin update
pkgin install xfce4
You can install xfce4-extras instead of xfce4 if you want some additional Xfce packages.

Note that you do not need to edit repositories.conf if you installed pkgin with netbsd installer.

Assuming install works, startxfce4 should start X and xfce for you (slice2 doesn't mention this). If install does not work, please post details (preferably error message you get) of what doesn't work.

NetBSD guide (section 9.9) and both articles I think I saw you post links to (I can't find link to french one right now, thanks to several topics) contain same list of daemons to be activated, but if you have done that already before, there's no need to do it again. Actually, Xfce should work at some level even without those daemons, but functionality may be missing.

To be sure there is not something obvious we are missing, could you post output from
uname -smr
tail -3 /usr/pkg/etc/pkgin/repositories.conf
cat /usr/pkgsrc/CVS/Tag
/etc/rc.d/dbus status (and other 3 daemons too, if you feel like it)
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