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Default Amazon AWS and SSL certificates

We are moving one of our production environments to Amazon AWS for legal reasons. I got couple of hours to play with AWS. I set up nginx, postgresql, django and our application works like a champ. EasyDNS was playing well with AWS and our customers on the another continent can see the things.

Final thing is setting SSL certificate. Amazon is giving me two IP addresses. One is public
which I can see with dig and the second one is private. It looks like Amazon is doing some kind NAT-ing from my public to private IP. I need to upload SSL certificate on the instance with public IP. It seems to me that that can't be done without purchasing Elastic Load Balancer.

Anybody has experience with enabling HTTPS on AWS? I need things running pronto.


P.S. The only way to talk to Amazon customer service is to purchase support plan. They are hitting us with hidden costs on every corner.
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