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I am working on this tonight and I need little bit hand holding. I requested and obtained elastic IP ( for the purposes of this message) for my VPC. My understanding is that this IP is a public and assigned for me for the duration of the account.
When I drill/dig that IP address I got bunch of amazon A DNS records. I logged into my EasyDNS account and I pointed I mapped via A record to that public IP That is not quite right since until Amazon DNS releases A record in reality that is CN record. How do I mange for Amazon to release from its DNS server?

I mapped that public to my private address Sure enough I can see my web server on However point goes into infinite search because I am guessing in reality my EasyDNS record for is not really A record but CN.

I was not quite following your post public subnet and private subnet within the VPC CIDR.

Could you please point me to some documentation?

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