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Welcome back! Since this application is not in the ports tree, you're on-your-own for debugging its source code.

Several things to consider, in no particular order:
  • From what I can gather from your post, you're running a "configure" step. It is possible that this build needs GNU make rather than BSD make, though usually this is indicated by a build failure rather than the runtime failure you reported here. If needed, install and use gmake.
  • There may be missing run dependencies. The log/logs from your configure step may shed light on this.
  • Use a debugger to step through the program and perhaps discover the root cause of the issue. The GNU debugger gdb(1) in-base is not helpful for third party applications; it dates from 2004; so either use the clang lldb(1) debugger or install the gdb package -- its executable is named egdb to avoid confusion with the in-base gdb(1).
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