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Default It's a cold day in Hell...

The last year has been a year of change for me.

Here's the new Facebook page for my website:

My Facebook page:
Just put that up. page:
Had one before, got another one.

YouTube Channel:
I only have playlists to keep my Google webmaster account out of Copyright danger. page:
I'm World Champion at Alliteration. Nobody will even play me.

It all started when last summer when I got a YouTube account so I could comment on this girl playing guitar. I already had a Google account for webmaster tools and they keep me jumping through hoops.

In August T-Mobile was set up outside a Dollar Store giving away free Android Service tablets so I grabbed one. I had never had one, or a smartphone, and didn't know what I would do with one if I had it.

In a few days I had it figured out. Run aops. YouTube Music was the best thing I found and it found a lot of new music for me. You can listen free or pay $10 a month for no ads, have music offline and they gave me 3 months free trial.

That Android opened me up to Google, but once I got a good look at it I recognized a good thing when I saw it.

I could put it to work for me and reach a much larger audience if I went with it, so I went all the way. I corrected my building location of Google maps. They gave me a Hero icon by email and invited me to join the Tour Guide Group. Which I have not, but they've been very nice to me.

I initially screwed up my Facebook page and told them It was too much headache and I was ready to delete it. They had fixed it for me the next time I logged on.

That was a real plus since when I registered it disabled my account as soon as I made it for non-compliance of Terms. That before I had posted anything. So Introduced myself and we got to know each other a little better.

Last summer I changed over a couple of my boxen to Kali Linux. Now I'm more able to reach out to that community and them be more receptive to what I say.

In short, I decided to be little less infamous in exchange for a little more mainstream famous and know what I'm doing.

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