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Post FreeBSD Forums downtime: retrospective

Originally Posted by jb_daefo View Post
There's an open PR on it, …
That was me (the reporter),

Originally Posted by jb_daefo View Post
They're back up now...
Key points included

No power outages as far as I know. The host that runs the VM that runs the forums had an issue, that needed a nudge. Unfortunately we had some issues contacting the owner of said host. Stuff really needs to be migrated away from there so we can assign some more people with proper access but alas, that hasn't happened yet. The upside of the recent outage is that this will hopefully be expedited.
– and

The forums should, ideally, be hosted on the rest of the FreeBSD infrastructure. It started off on someone's personal host and it's been running there ever since. Getting it onto the FreeBSD infrastructure needs some negotiating (we have a couple of requirements that would need to be met) and obviously some time and effort to actually get it migrated.

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