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Ok, so I got the T61, but it's been one big disaster, explaining it all would be too long, but the bottom line is that the T61 I got was a DOA[1] and that it took me a month and a half to get a replacement, and they don't have the T61 series anymore or any equivalent series that's acceptable ... So I'm getting my money back (Well, I'm still working on that ... But they'd better, or else ... )

SO ...

I'm looking for a notebook again.
While Lenovo NB's (pre-T400/500 that is) are good, I've discovered the customer support is absolute and utter crap, so it's exit Lenovo for me.

I looked at the Dell E6400, it looks like a good notebook, but with two points:
o Keyboard/pointing stick, reviews are a bit mixed, some say it's good, others say it's not so good ... This is important for me because I use the keyboard and pointing stick a lot, one of the reasons for getting a T61 was the keyboard ...
This is difficult to judge, I can't just go to a store and try it out, a colleague has a D610 and D630, I will try his keyboard some time, but it's not the same model...
o Price, I don't know how you managed to get your Dell at that price vermaden, but the E6400 would go for about 1600-1800 EUR! (Payed about 1100EUR for the T61).

Another thing I might consider is a Toshiba Tecra M10 (, I haven't looked at reviews yet though ... (Battery life seems short).

1: To be fair, this was not Lenovo's fault, but the supplier, it might have been a production error, but more likely because of transport or usage, I also found out that the NB was already registered to someone else over 4 months ago (!!)
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