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Originally Posted by rjtp View Post
i am using 4.8 version. xserver hangs after some time and i can't switch to the console once it happens.
Recognize that few developers frequent these forums. Most of the readership here are enthusiasts, both amateur & professional. As such, we may only have a passing knowledge of the code base.
  • The information you have provided is insufficient. Is this an Apple Xserve? If so, Apple has been found notorious for non-standard hardward configurations.
  • In general, supplying the output of dmesg(1) is considered to be a minimally required.
By searching the project's bug database, this appears to nominally related to PR#6392. Because what you describe is not exactly the same, I would recommend you submitting a PR yourself. Information on what is considered important when reporting a bug can be found at the following:

Please take the time to submit a thoroughy report -- especially if you expect a reply..
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