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Welcome Kzoo!

Originally Posted by Bruco View Post
I have an old PIII Compaq laptop running FreeBSD 6.2 and Xfce. It sucks. It heats up to about 200 degrees after running for a while, but I don't enjoy messing with laptop hardware enough to take it apart.
If my wife's laptop is any indication, renewing the thermal compound on the CPU and cleaning the fans and heat sinks goes a *long* way to cooling laptops down. I was chasing another issue -- a bad power connector -- so I had to go in there anyway. They are not that difficult to work on, actually, but you do have to be a bit careful.
And there's a couple WinXP boxes in the house. I admit it. Please be merciful.
Well, we have six MS boxes, ranging from W2K through Vista-64. That does not include three VMs. Pretty much all of us have MS somewhere.
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