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To remove an existing CVS Tag in your working directory structure -- making the tree -current -- use the "-A" opton of cvs(1) update or cvs checkout.

To reiterate what ocicat stated -- because it is so very, very important -- when either upgrading to -current for the first time, or installing -current for the first time, always begin with the latest snapshot. This is stated in the FAQ, but it bears stating again. And again. The reason is that the build process does not take into account either OS architectural or OS infrastructure changes. Once at -current, the user must always review the Following -current FAQ in order to take these changes into consideration. In the event of so-called "Flag Days", which typically happen once or twice per year, a standard build or release process will fail without manual intervention -- typically, these are gcc(1) or other build tool changes that must already be compiled and installed (sometimes called "bootstrapped") before the standard build process is executed. Often, the recommendation in the Following -current FAQ is to await the next snapshot rather than execute the complicated Flag Day procedure.

Some people who run -current do not build the system at all. They "upgrade" from snapshot to snapshot. But they must still review the Following -current FAQ in case there are manual infrastructure changes to be made.
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