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Default Sending dmesg to the mother ship

Has anyone run into problems in the last couple of weeks sending your dmesg to

Pardon me if this is a dumb question, but if so, how did you get it done?

I wanted to send my Raspberry Pi 4 4GB dmesg, but I got a message that a message failed to deliver.

I actually tried to send two, one with the default 3GB only available, and one after setting it to remove the 3GB limit so OpenBSD sees all 4 GB, so maybe one made it through, but I would like to make sure both made it.

I would like to make sure they get this as it's relatively new hardware. I'll send my desktop dmesg as well after I install a new SSD - the rest of the desktop is pretty old hardware so its dmesg information is otherwise probably less valuable.


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