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Acquired an old Dell Dimension B110 and installed 2 other NICs. Good news when ArcaOS booted during installation it found 3 network adapters, but the bad news it said there was a conflict with two and I needed to select either (1..2), however, no keys worked. So I abandoned ArcaOS on that machine. Good news is that I finally was able to install Inferno OS from Bell Labs natively on a machine.

The second machine I recently acquired was an old HP G62 laptop. I had wiped the drive previously with DBAN and ArcaOS needed to fix the disk because it couldn't find a partition. This is normal and requires a reboot. Well, when the machine came back up it said there was a disk problem and that was that.

But eComStation did install on the HP G62, so after that and with a formatted JFS partition I thought I would be able to install ArcaOS onto the laptop. Installation seemed to go fine, but at boot it couldn't find a file and stopped.

The last update from the company selling this "thing" was still telling me to change my firewall rules because that is the problem. Even though I informed them I can run SmartOS, Windows, Plan9, 9front, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenIndiana, Minix3, OmniOS, all without any problem. Even ArcaOS on my old Thinkpad T60 works, but they kept telling me to change my firewall.

When the Dell wouldn't install I updated the ticket and they didn't even reply. After the HP laptop I told them to close the ticket and they immediately closed it, then had the audacity to inform me that I needed to open a new ticket for each problem on each machine. Therefore I needed to open 2 more tickets. Even though my ticket I had open was 4 months old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My recommendation still stands: Don't waste your hard earned money to buy a copy of ArcaOS.
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