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Default hi


Thank you for your reply

i also had an idea that changing something
on my Linksys router would help with my speed.

i have MTU set at 1500

Cnet Bandwidth calculation tells me my speed is at

1875.9 Kbps - You 1875.9 kbps

comapared to what is below

Does that mean im ok.

i just upgrraded my road runner to hybrid turbo speed from 7 mbps to 10 mbps and i would
like to know what the big deal is lol

Connection Type Connection Speed Faster Providers
28.8 Kbps Dial-up 28.8k

33.6 Kbps Dial-up 33.6k

53.3 Kbps Dial-up 56k

384.0 Kbps DSL/Cable 384k

768.0 Kbps DSL/Cable 768k

1500.0 Kbps Cable/DSL 1.5Mbps

1544.0 Kbps Full T1 1.544Mbps

3000.0 Kbps N x T1 3.0Mbps

6000.0 Kbps T3 6.0Mbps

15000.0 Kbps T3 15Mbps

30000.0 Kbps T3 30Mbps
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