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Originally Posted by Nureo View Post
Does anybody knows if Tox clients are installable in OpenBSD?
This application has not previously been officially ported to OpenBSD. If you want to run this application on OpenBSD, you may want to consider porting it yourself.
Would it work by running the Source Code?
In looking at the GitHub repository, it appears that this application is a C++ application primarily using Qt5 as the GUI interface.

Applications fall into two categories -- either they are compiled or interpreted.
  • Compiled applications consist of one or more source files which are translated into binary instructions understood by the operating system (boot-up code) & processor.(application logic). A developer will translate source code into binary instructions through a compiler. The resulting binary image created by the compiler is executed directly by users as the application itself.
  • Interpreted applications are executed directly as the application by an interpreter. Every time the application is executed, the interpreter will translate the source into binary instructions which are immediately executed. In general, interpreted applications run slower than compiled applications because of the runtime overhead of real-time translation of source code.
The application I find on GitHub is C++ code which is a compiled language. If you want to run Tox on OpenBSD, you will need to figure out whether the source can simply be compiled through the tools provided, or whether you will have to modify the source code before compiling something which is recognizable by OpenBSD. This might be as simple as an evening's work. It may be as complicated as months of work.

From what I can see, Tox is a peer-to-peer messaging system -- a slight variation of more familiar XMPP applications such as net/prosody (which is an interpreted Python application...). While I understand their statements about "increased security", I would think that an XMPP application running over IPSec links would be as secure, if not more so.

In other threads, I see where you have stated that you do not have development experience. To successfully port an application to OpenBSD requires substantial knowledge, patience, & tenacity. You might see this as a personal challenge to learning new skills. If you decide not to pursue this task, you might be better served by exploring what applications already have been officially ported to OpenBSD. may be a good site for searching for existing applications already ported to OpenBSD.
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