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Default Backup to DVD-RAM?

I recently came across a stack of dvd-ram disks I'd forgotten I had - they were used with a consumer DVD rewriter I no longer use. There's about a dozen disks, many in their original packaging, unused.

So, I was thinking of using them as backup media for my OpenBSD laptop. Up till now I've been using rsync, backing up to an external drive on the network. It works well enough, but is not ideal.

DVD-RAM disks use, from what I understand, packet writing, so the disks can be treated in a more conventional way.

I have a couple of questions:

1. Are dvd-ram disks a good medium for backup? Bearing in mind the total size of the data I wish to backup (i.e. the /home partition) is only about 5Gigs and is unlikely to rise much above two or three times that amount, at least for now.

2. Any recommendations of the best backup software to use? I'm only backing up the /home partition, so a fairly simple approach is probably best... Would dump/restore be a good choice?

Thanks for reading. Comments welcome.
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