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Originally Posted by IdOp View Post
When having a problem like this, it's often useful to find the simplest possible setup which reproduces the problem.

With that in mind, I'd not go to more complex encryption, but get rid of encryption entirely. Try to see if you can get it to connect as an open network. If/when that succeeds you'll be sure the hardware is working and the driver and interface is properly configured, and you can try to layer on some encryption.

Setting WPA (WPA2), WEP and unprotected wireless on any *BSD is trivial. Wireless can be protected on at least 5 additional ways on *BSDs some of which are not available on any other OS. You are getting some seriously good advices which you are ignoring. Short of you paying a BSD consultant who will actually configure your wireless network for you I do not think that anybody can help you here.
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