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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
As I said before, you're omitting information.. show us your configuration, what you're typing, the complete output of relevant commands.

Beyond just saying "it doesn't work", because that's useless.
So, I must show the commands with which I attempt to connect to my network I guess, plus the hostname.if file.

The hostname.if file is as of now empty. I haven't managed to make it work.

I attempt to connect using the ifconfig command.

As far as I know my interface does work, as doing an ifconfig bwi0 scan does show all the networks in range.

My attempts were with WEP:

ifconfig bwi0 nwid obeid nwkey 030303029
dhclient bwi0

and then with WPA the same, just with the WPA params on ifconfig.

I don't know anything further than this, so if there's an extra thing I'm missing to post and that will help please tell me. I may of course show it here.

Thanks for your patience!
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